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Paul Bickford - General Contractor - Division 01 CMS

Message from owner Paul Bickford:

“I have spent my life in Construction following generations before me. Starting out as a teenager after school, weekends and summers, I have enjoyed over 35+ years in residential and commercial construction as a craftsmen, manager and contractor. I have been fortunate that along the way, I was able to self perform a number of the construction trades. That experience has always helped me understand both the workers’ and the managers’ point of view, communicate better, and gain respect of other tradesmen and contractors we worked with. I have always found excitement in completing impossible projects in impossible time lines under impossible budget constraints. But mostly, I appreciate the opportunity of mentoring and educating the next generation of construction workers who are truly an underestimated group of men and women.”

About Us

Division 01 CMS was founded by Paul Bickford.  Division 01 CMS is a construction consultation firm.  Our client is the owner.  The owner we represent is typically a City, County or State, school district or a private owner of property or a development.

We assist our clients in:

  • land aquisition
  • construction site development
  • construction design documents
  • utility company design and permitting
  • project planning and permitting
  • estimating and budgeting
  • development of construction bidding documents
  • solicitation of general contractors

We oversee the course of construction from beginning to end, through project closeout.  We advise and make recommendations to the owners on costs, contracts, schedule and construction issues.

About Paul Bickford

Division 01 CMS focuses on providing construction management services as an owner’s representative.

Paul Bickford himself has an in-depth background in the construction industry.  It began in high school when he worked part-time for a painting contractor.

Once Paul graduated high school, he joined the Marine Corp Reserve for eight years, specializing in landing support for helicopters, ships and planes.  He was also trained in chemical warfare and leadership.

At the same time, Paul worked for a general contractor on residential and light commercial projects until he became a partner.  In 1991, he went on his own as a general contractor where he gained hands on experience in concrete, carpentry, plumbing and electrical work.

Paul also worked as a project manager for a local construction company.  He eventually became the Sr Project Manager supervising several project managers under his supervision.  Paul handled a variety of commercial construction projects including but not limited to schools, fire stations, city halls, animal shelters, maintenance facilities, hotels, prisons, and fuel stations.

Current Division 01 CMS Projects

  • Construction management services for San Joaquin Office of Education providing plan constructability review and course of construction management.

    Please call for more information and details on Division 01 projects.

    Paul Bickford’s strong communication skills combined with his experience, attention to detail, leadership and oversight capabilities make his company an asset to his clients.  You can’t go wrong by calling (209) 242-0545.

    Supporting Veterans

    When you contract with Bickford Construction, you are supporting our Veterans.  A generous donation to Veteran foundations is made with each project.  Our primary foundations are listed here.  We also contribute through our active memberships in Rotary International and Lions Club International.

    Homes for our Troups, HFOT, https://www.hfotusa.org/

    Semper Fi Fund, https://semperfifund.org/

    Validation: Charity Navigator, https://www.charitynavigator.org/



    Rotary International

    Member of Rotary International

    Member of Lions International

    Member of Lions International

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    We donate from each project to support our veterans.