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Assembling and coordinating the right team of design professionals and contractors to build our clients’ vision.

Why Use Our Services?


Paul Bickford, founder of Division 01 Construction Management Services, is licensed as a general contractor.  Although the license would enable performance as a general contractor, Division 01 CMS specializes as an owner’s representative in large development projects.

As an owner’s rep, Division 01 CMS is copied on all information going in and out between the owner, architect, contractors, and other consultants.  They monitor the project process and answers all questions on the owner’s behalf.  They are the conduit between all design and construction entities and the owner.

It is their responsibility to make sure that the owner’s interests are always protected and served.


When you hire Division 01 CMS, you are hiring a company with experience in all facets of construction. This experience enables understanding of what and how things need to be done.

CEO Paul Bickford himself has personal experience ranging from concrete, carpentry, plumbing and electrical to 20+ years in project management for large commercial projects.  He has experience as a Sr. Project manager in charge of multiple project managers with 100+ field crew members grossing $100M per year.  Paul was also involved in the hiring of office and field staff as well as development of processes and procedures for both the field construction and office.

It is these experiences that enables Division 01 CMS to be able to oversee any large construction project, monitoring schedules, budgets, contractor payment requests, issue resolution, quality control and more.


Division 01 CMS has experience and knowledge of all Division 01 general construction requirements.  Having worked as an independent consultant on an owner’s representative contract for a $45M school, an owner’s rep for a 100 acre development project, an hourly construction management services contract for the San Joaquin Office of Education and more, CEO Paul Bickford knows how to lead Division 01 CMS to fulfill all requirements of a large government, development, or commercial project.

As an owner’s representative, Division 01 CMS can ensure that all of the owner’s interests are monitored and protected.  Their knowledge and experience in construction enables them to make sure that all construction Division 01 requirements are being followed, that the budget is kept on track, and that the owner is kept informed of important issues.


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